Software developer by choice, Artist by hobby

Software developer/Artist from Maharashtra(India), currently living in Noida(India). Successfully completed B-tech (July-2014), since then working in startup experimenting, learning and creating cool stuff. Interested in designing, developing things from scratch, but wont mind redecorating awesomeness in a product.


Projects displayed are few of those I work on constantly for some improvements, You may find them broken as I may be working on it. For more projects or small works please checkout my github.


This is were the hobby kicks in, I majorly create hyper-realistic sketches with lead pencils. I do not sell these artworks, nor create one for money.

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My art is majorly focused on God's beautiful creation "WOMEN". Focus on details rather than completing one piece. As I started working in startup, frequency of these artwork have been decreased.


It doesnt have to be well dressed email, I would love a simple facebook. Flip the card to find ways to connect to me.